2004 Predictions

Can't have a New Year without some predictions. So here are some from me. Some are serious predictions, some are completely ridiculous, I only guarantee that most will be wrong!

1. This will be the "year of the cute mascot".
2. The X-Prize will be won by Widget
3. Tux slaps SCO around with a small fish.
4. Tux starts taking bites out of big fish Microsoft! (MS will lose market share)
5. Speaking of SCO - shareholders will sue SCO execs, creating fragmentation amongst libertarians debating whether such suits should even be allowed.
6. About 50% of voting age Americans will vote for a pro big government president.
7. Catallarchy.net becomes the number one source for news and commentary. (Heh!)
8. Congress will set the acceleration due to gravity at mean sea level to 9m/s/s. This is to help civil engineers, city planners, and union builders get out of a financial slump. Of course it will be a very close vote - some congress critters will be calling for gravity to be set at 11m/s/s to encourage the use of more building materials.
9. ADM will stop advertising on Sunday morning news shows and beg forgiveness for all the years of living off of agriculture subsidies. (It's to protect the family farm!)
10. Californians will hold another recall vote.
11. The Fed will continue inflating the dollar, while Dubya and State Dept. continue threatening trade sanctions on nations that do not adjust their currencies accordingly.
12. The word "stagflation" will be seen more frequently in economics publications.

And last but not least:
I'm going to have one hell of a year!

Happy New Year!

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