Federalism: not just for political conservatives anymore

From Randy Barnett:

This is what federalism is supposed to be all about. Provided individual rights are protected, states should be free to experiment with different mixes of regulations and prohibitions. That way, we can witness the different results and reach conclusions on which policies are preferable. And those individuals who object strongly to a particular policy can move to another state where the policy is different. With the one-size-fits-all national approach, all Americans are captives of the policy choices of Congress, unless they leave the land they love.

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Great link Jonathon. Thanks.

Great link Jonathon. Thanks.

Hello, everyone! I believe

Hello, everyone! I believe that I have seen this blog's title elsewhere on the web, but I think that this may be the first time I've actually been to your site. It looks really good... And it is great to see another pro-liberty website in the Blogosphere.

I am a conservative, not a libertarian, but my blog (which has been running since around Sept. 2002) has been read by many libertarians - I have been covering opposition to many of the policies of the Bush administration and the neoconservatives from a traditionalist conservative perspective. My older entries on the issues of war and foreign policy have been archived at this blog; they're still at my main blog, though.

I have only briefly looked at your website, but it appears to be very good... I wish that I had come here sooner. I hope that all of your contributors had a excellent Christmas, and have a Happy New Year as well. Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Hmmmm..., there is not much

Hmmmm..., there is not much left to experiment with if individual rights are protected.

There are lots of things

There are lots of things left: Whether judges should be appointed or elected, the length of terms of judges and legislators, the apportionment of responsibilties (e.g. police staffing) between state-level and county- or municipal-level governments, that sort of thing. Nuts and bolts stuff. It's all in the details. And so long as we're in a mixed economy, at what level decisions should be made regarding issues like road maintenance and resources for utilities.