You already know the answer

The media made a big deal about the Bush daughters and their drinking escapades. Apparently it was newsworthy, as their father is the president. Why then, was it not so newsworthy when Al Gore's son was busted with pot at his high school during Gore's VP time? Why now is the same son's new marijuana bust not big news?

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It interests me more because

It interests me more because Gore isn't in power.

Besides, given the true believers' mantra of "honor, dignity, and integrity," it's quite gratifying to hear news stories this, or about Shrub's drunken tirade at Al Hunt in the late '80s, his AWOL record, etc.

For the same reason, it was quite gratifying back in the says to hear stories about the Clintons and Sidwell Friends, Barbra Streisand's Leona Helmsley-style behavior toward flesh-and-blood working people, etc., and rub it in the faces of the cranio-rectally impacted people who "believed in a place called Hope."