In praise of greed

Radley Balko's latest article at Foxnews, "Greed Makes the World Go 'Round," gives one reason why even non-religious folks can appreciate the holiday season.

Want and greed are why humanity today is freer, healthier and more comfortable than it?s ever been. Nearly every significant innovation, invention or improvement that man has so far come up with resulted from the innovator, the inventor or the improver?s desire to better his own condition, or, put differently, to get more stuff. It is greed and the want of stuff that drives us to work longer hours, to build better mousetraps, and to take the kinds of risks that shake up the marketplace, and move the whole system forward.

What was most interesting was something that appears toward the end of the article: the outcome of the Malden Mills company, whose CEO had been praised in the media for being compassionate to his employees in the face of an uncertain future for his company.

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