Higher salaries for New York superintendents

The Governor of New York signed a bill allowing the maximum district superintendent salary to rise starting in 2003-2004.

'Talented leaders are hard to find in any field, and increasingly so in education. This has been exacerbated by artificially low limits on the salary available for BOCES superintendents,' said David Ernst, director of communications for the New York State School Boards Association. [...]

Now, salaries are capped at $166,762, or 98 percent of the commissioner's 2003-04 salary.

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Jonathon - It'd be nice if

Jonathon -

It'd be nice if they actually had to earn that salary.

How, exactly, do you

How, exactly, do you identify a "talented" superintendent? It seems to me a business model where you can force your "services" on unwilling customers and collect payment at gunpoint is bound to be a winner, regardless of how incompetent the management.

I should have added:

I should have added: robbery only takes "talent" when your victim can shoot back.

Fort Worth Superintendent

Fort Worth Superintendent Thomas Tocco makes roughly $285,000, near the high end of the Texas superintendent salary structure. However, I believe ours is determined locally rather than set by the state.