Turn around and run away!

Baghdad city council members are in the US receiving a "crash course" in democracy.

For members of the Baghdad City Council visiting Denver, listening to citizens before making a decision was something they couldn't quite imagine. [...]

Kenney was brought in by former Glendale mayor Joe Rice to help teach democratic practices to members of the Baghdad council. Rice, a lieutenant colonel in the Army Reserves serving in Baghdad, is a liaison between the city council and the U.S.-led coalition. [...]

"It's all theoretical until they see it happening," said Peter Kenney, a former Clear Creek County commissioner who has been in Baghdad since September to advise the city council.

I hope they are also shown how majority rule has resulted in denying individuals the ability to determine how best to use their property, what chemicals to ingest in the bodies, and what kind of education their children can receive.

Maybe then, the council members will realize that what Iraq needs is liberty, not democracy.

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it'll click pretty fast in

it'll click pretty fast in their heads that this is the best way to milk people dry, and the easy part is they DO IT TO THEMSELVES!