As I crawl out of my own hole (forced there by invading viruses), I see Saddam has been taken out of his hole. Although, as Jonathan points out, there is still a lot wrong with this world, there is only one thing to do -


Pull out the Dom Perignon, start up the party music and celebrate!

Now that we have the tyrant in custody and can be sure that he will not return to power (unless he has a deal going for some portion of Hell), we can celebrate. There will always be tyrants with us, from the Stalins and Hitlers to those would redistribute your possessions, to the guy down the street who thinks drinkin', gamblin' and smokin' all ought to be outlawed. We will worry about them some other time.

Here's to the fall of all tyrants!

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There is just so much

There is just so much poetic justice in the way he was caught across from his palaces living in a hole. Regardless, I think there are too high expectations on what he is going to tell interrogators. I don't think he knows the specifics of where the WMD are and all the behind the scenes dealings with N. Korea and company. In the end, I hope the Iraqi people serve him justice and send a message to the world that leaders are supposed to serve the people.

It looks like, though, that

It looks like, though, that he *was* carrying a lot of vital information around; I understand that immediately afterwards US forces captured 6 "cell leaders", found a bomb-making factory & arms cache, and seized a money cache. Saddam won't say anything, but he already gave enough away with what he had on him; I think it may be a domino effect now, and the tide may turn such that ordinary Iraqis see the quicker way to get rid of the Americans is to stop fighting and start building... and that is an encouraging thought.