What's bad for the EU is good for Europe

Kevin Drum is marvelling at Andrew Sullivan's glee at the recent bust-up of the EU constitutional summit, and wondering why it is that some folk think that "anything that causes pain for Europe is good news for us?"

I'm a moderate skeptic of the euro and the expanded EU myself, but this very real sense of treating Europe as a flat-out enemy ? complete with undisguised eagerness for their unraveling ? is simply juvenile. Disagreeing about the invasion of Iraq does not make them terrorist sympathizers and it does not make them enemies. It just means they disagreed with us about invading Iraq, as did most of the rest of the world and a pretty sizable portion of the American population as well.

The problem with this, is that the EU and Europe are two distinctly different ideas, concepts, and entities. Europe is a giant peninsula containing a large number of caucasoid peoples, cultures, states, languages, etc, that has been the source of a great deal of things both wonderful and terrible over the centuries. The EU, in contrast, is nothing less than the resurrection of the Bonapartist plan for a European Empire dominated by the old Carolingian axis and headquartered somewhere French is spoken (although, perhaps as an unintended compromise, the proposed capital of the new Empire is where the French is influenced by and spoken next to a Germanic language).

Even an uncritical glance at the proposed EU constitution would see that Metternich, not Hayek, would be pleased at the result- the centralization of power, the codification of executive privilege, the looting of the prosperous in the name of maintaining the state, etc. Anyone interested in maintaining Europe as a vibrant zone of economic and cultural life must surely be horrified by the prospect of "Ever closer union" to an entity that wishes to standardize, harmonize, and eventually homogenize.

Therefore, all concerns about the war aside, the reasons for cheering the fall of the Carolingian axis' attempts to extend an imperial dominion over all of Europe are based in a distinct appreciation of what Europe is (or the best of what was, and could be again), and not a "juvenile" response. Unless one takes the view of Chirac & Schroeder that Europe is France and Germany, and thus disagreeing with their imperial interests means disagreeing with Europe in general.

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Well said Brian. I scratch

Well said Brian. I scratch my head and wonder at the apparent ignorance of folks like Kevin and find it hard to accept that ignorance is sufficient. It seems willful.