Karl Marx captured

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Sorry for being cheeky in the light of a great moment for the Iraqi people (and for the hardworking folk of the US Armed Forces that have had to chase Saddam around while enduring the harassment of his hardline dead-enders), but when I saw that picture on CNN, "hey, its Uncle Karl" was the first thing to come to mind.

(Necessary caveats- obviously, Saddam is not an economist (not even a bad one), not a historian, not much of a writer, and certainly far more akin to the National Socialists or Stalinists in his tendency to have his opponents tortured and murdered than your average university marxist, and thus this is not an attempt to imply moral equivalency- just to note a certain similarity in visage.)

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Good call! LOL

Good call! LOL

Spoken like a true political

Spoken like a true political economist.

Funny man.

Funny man.

Hmmm...that may not sound

Hmmm...that may not sound right. I'm really laughing, and hadn't made that connection yet myself, with the picture.

Brilliant. :)

Oddly enough, Neal Boortz

Oddly enough, Neal Boortz made a similar Marx-Hussein photo comparison in his Monday column today (along with other comparisons). Maybe he reads this blog? (I wish)


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