Back in <i><b>my</i></b> day...

Jeffrey Tucker points out a rather amusing and telling anecdote about making one's own soap over at the Mises Blog. He runs into an older man who educates him about the use of an oversized pot- to render pig fat into cornbread additives, lard, and ultimately lye soap.

Given that "doing it the old ways" is often advanced as a way to help preserve eroding mainstream values and character, Jeffrey asked the man:

if he would go back to those days, given that moral values were said to be much better then than now, and family and community much tighter. He answered: moral values weren't any better then than now, and family and communities have always had their ups and downs, but the difference was this: they were desperately poor. There was no romance in that. No one is that poor today. True, his grandkids don't know the value of the dollar, he added, but he would never wish such poverty on anyone.

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