Freer markets in Iraq?

Some excerpts from an optimistic article about post-War Iraq:

"The situation is still tight for us, but we have a bit to play with," Mr Kadhem snr said. "In the past, the government wanted to fight against the citizens; they wanted this country to be underdeveloped. But my income now is much stronger than before." [...]

Import tariffs have been scrapped until the end of the year. The UN trade embargo is gone. Stores have sprung up all over the city. Before the invasion in March, for example, people in Baghdad bought cars from two large bazaars. Now they go to dozens of small shops like Mr Nasir?s. [...]

His shop is on Outer Karada Street, one of Baghdad?s busiest commercial streets. People flock here now to buy washing machines, television sets and satellite dishes.

A reporter who interviewed 85 store owners on a half-mile stretch found that 33 were selling satellite dishes and receivers, up from just two before the invasion.

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Well I see you buckled under

Well I see you buckled under the pressure of the neocons and are trying to regain the favor of the warbloggers with this blatent piece of PNAC-produced propaganda. If you call the Imperial regime of the US-run satrap of Iraq a "Free market" you are no better than the other Trotysist Straussians that stole the election, hijacked our nation and are running an evil empire for their corporate interests. For shame!

Johnathan, How fortunate we


How fortunate we are that that our rulers know better than to have uninhibited capitalism here. (sarcasm)

And, Nobody... um, whatever.

Raymond Duray (aka

Raymond Duray (aka 'nobody'):

Who's the Marxist/Trotskyist? From reading your posts on SI, Indymedia, Common Dreams, etc. one would think that your raison d'etre is "permanent revolution".

You are the most anti-libertarian person I have ever known online. Your debating methods are those of Saul Alinsky, who saw no trouble in "lying for justice" and confusing others into following him.

Anything for the cause, nothing for the humanistic values of truth, beauty, and individual liberty, right Ray?

Hmmm. "Nobody" put it in

Hmmm. "Nobody" put it in pretty inflammatory terms.

But Bremer is overturning the old Baathist rules to "privatize" state corporations (or more accurately, to sell them, for politically determined prices, to politically connected insiders who are friends of Dick and Don). And he is, at the same time, leaving in place Saddamite rules against labor organization and treating strikes as a form of terror. No doubt Rummy'll soon be contracting the MP work out to the Pinkertons.

So that DOES sound like a rather neocon spin on the "free market." It might be more accurate to say they adopt aspects of the free market piecemeal, only when they're consistent with the overall interests of crony capitalism.