Loo Affirmative Action

It must be a slow month around the New York City Council. Council members are introducing a bill to set aside more women's bathrooms than men's in most buildings, including arenas, theaters, and stadiums. It seems they've noticed that the female line is usually longer - much longer - than the male line queued up for restrooms, so the government is now accepting the plight of the potty deprived by requiring specific toilet-to-gender ratios.


It remains to be seen if the bill will pass, or if it will wind up going down the drain.

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Other than creating a

Other than creating a government mandate I think there should be more women's restrooms than men's. We guys relieve ourselves faster. For me it isn't about gender equity it's just I don't like waiting for female companions to go to the restroom.

at almost every big event I

at almost every big event I go to there are plenty of women in the men's bathroom but the one time I saw a girl use a urinal was amazing. What is the government going to do to assure I continue to experience those important events?