JM Buchanan vs. Our Glorious Democracy

While most of the radical libertarians I communicate with have a very strong Austrian leaning (as I do), if not an outright Austrian commitment, I am not one to dismiss pro-market ideas in any form. That being said, while looking up some Chicago School information, I found something that even our dedicated Austrian readers will get a kick out of: this article by a "liberal" says, as evidence for the complete incorrectness of the Chicago School's ideas, "Public Choice theory is so flawed that it actually predicts that people won't vote."

Compare that statement to the information you find here, which reflects that consistently around half of eligible voters have been following Public Choice predictions in presidential races in the US for the last 30 years. Turnout is even lower for non-presidential races (a few circuses notwithstanding).

There might be other reasons to reject Chicago School ideas, but let's keep the democratic propaganda out of the way of the facts.

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