Goodies galore

dessert.jpgEveryone likes a nice surprise every now and then, and politicians are more than willing to supply the electorate with treats (which too often turn out to be tricks). As the Republic has devolved into a democracy, and as rights have been replaced by wants and obligations, each subsequent ruling party brings more promises and goodies to their voting block. President Bush is considering a new plan to give Moon landings to the people.

President Bush's aides are considering a new lunar exploration program and other unifying national goals, including a campaign to promote longevity or fight childhood illness or hunger, as they sift ideas for a fresh agenda for the final year of his term, administration officials said yesterday. [...]

One person consulted by the White House said some aides appear to relish the idea of a "Kennedy moment" for Bush, referring to the 1962 call by President John F. Kennedy for the nation to land a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth by the end of the decade.

It makes no difference that we've been there before, about 35 years ago the first time, and NASA decided to stop going because they couldn't think of anything else to do there. It doesn't matter that a space shuttle blew up for the second time just last February, or that NASA's track record on safety is awful, or that just maybe private space ventures are the future for mankind in space. No. The people shall have Moon landings!

It used to be that these policy pacifiers were subtly disguised with terms like 'national interest' and 'our leadership role for the 21st century' and 'American pride'. But they don't even try to hide their strategy anymore; they fully admit they give goodies in order to tantalize soundbite voters.

This official said Bush's closest aides are promoting big initiatives on the theory that they contribute to Bush's image as a decisive leader even if people disagree with some of the specifics. "Iraq was big. AIDS is big," the official said. "Big works. Big grabs attention."

Big bread! Big circuses! For everyone! Viva democracy!

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"Big bread! Big

"Big bread! Big circuses!"

For Big People. All of the candidates are in the poket of Big People.