The disconnect between speech and action

Greg Goelzhauser, of En Banc fame, observes that saying one thing and doing another is a trademark of Republicans (case in point: Rush Limbaugh). At least Democrats are more honest about their intentions to give us the government we deserve good and hard.

[R]educing spending in the abstract sounds like a worthwhile objective to most people, but the polity is happy with their collection of government financed programs and are calling for more all the time. The republicans understand the distinction and use it to their advantage.

Anyone who has ever tried to help tidy up the house of a friend or family member who is a pack rat will recognize this disconnect. The messy person will claim to want a cleaner house and be willing get rid of some possesions in the abstract. But once you attempt to apply this strategy in the real world, your efforts are rebuffed with claims of, "No, you can't get rid of that, whatever will I do without it?"

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