That's a bit of a reach, doncha think?

So now, everyone's a terrorist. Take a look at this quote from one Manuel Garcia, the "acting assistant secretary of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement" (my, what big titles you have!) after the arrest of 25 people involved in a Kennedy Airport drug ring.

"A network of corrupt airport employees, motivated by greed, might just as well have been collaborating with terrorists as with drug smugglers," Garcia said in announcing the arrests.

The argument he is making is that these same people could, potentially, in the same fashion, maybe in the future, help terrorists the same way they help drug dealers. Sure, they could. But I wonder if he knows much his own job contributes to their present-day 'crime'.

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I think Manuel Garcia's

I think Manuel Garcia's quote is accurate. He is not calling them terrorists but simply implying their actions are similar to terrorist behavior.

Regardless, I am weary of using Sept 11 and fighting terrorism as the trump card for justifying everything John Ashcroft wants to do.

Not sure what Mr. Garcia's job exactly is but I doubt it "contributes to their present-day 'crime'".

Jonathan - Like Spoonie, I'm

Jonathan -

Like Spoonie, I'm curious as to why you say Mr. Garcia's job contributes to crime. Care to offer an explanation?

I assume that part of his

I assume that part of his job as "Customs Enforcement" is making sure drugs don't get into the country. That by itself makes it more profitable for drug smugglers to even exist.

Good enough reason for me. I

Good enough reason for me. I just wondered what the reasoning was since you hadn't offered it up to begin with.

Yeah, I wasn't very clear on

Yeah, I wasn't very clear on that.