The safety of home schooling

From a Letter to the Editor of the NY Times:

Blame Home Schooling?
Published: November 22, 2003

To the Editor:

Re "Make Home Schooling Safe for Children" (editorial, Nov. 15):

You imply that home schooling is the reason three boys in New Jersey were not rescued from starvation. But the family was not isolated from the community, and many people had the opportunity to get help for the boys.

Furthermore, many abused children attend public school without having their abuse noticed.

You also say the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act "requires the states to seek out disabled children to ensure that they get the services and education they need."

Many home-schooling families pull their children from public schools that are unwilling to provide needed services. Others home-school because their children were abused or bullied in school.

To imply that schools are safer than home for children is an affront to the large community of caring home-schooling parents.

Newton Highlands, Mass.
Nov. 18, 2003
The writer is a home-schooler and a special-needs education adviser.

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