Tides of light

Brian Bergstein writes about a new technology for quantum encryption using photons. A company called MagicQ Technologies has just started selling this "Navajo" system, which supposedly results in an unbreakable code.

In any incarnation, quantum encryption employs one of the defining discoveries of physics: Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, which says subatomic particles exist in multiple possible states at once, however hard that may be to imagine, until something interacts with them.

When one Navajo box sends out a code key, it imparts certain measurable characteristics to photons that travel through the fiber-optic line. When the second Navajo box measures those characteristics, that mere act throws off other characteristics ? but the Navajo boxes confer with each other after the transmission is complete and sort it all out. The boxes can be up to 70 miles apart, after which additional boxes are needed as relays.

The possibilities for the use of this technology are endless...

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pretty cool. I am curious

pretty cool. I am curious to know how they would implement the encryption over a wireless link?