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Damn. That?s one of the clearest examples of the utter moral monstrousness of egalitarianism I?ve ever seen.

The man claims to care about families, and then claims that parents don?t have a right to spend their own money to give their children an opportunity that other kids don?t have? which is to say, parents are to be enslaved to everyone else?s children, not simply responsible for their own. How grotesque, and how utterly ignorant of the reality of human nature, which is that good parents will find a way to give their children better-than-average opportunities, whatever the State does. I can just imagine the clandestine private tutoring services in a Swiftian world; perhaps they will operate the way back-alley abortionists once did.

For the record, his initial moral premise is completely wrong. Inequality of opportunity is not the least bit unfair, because opportunity is not a fixed pie and in any case no one is entitled to any given amount of it. What Swift advocates? namely, mass theft and repression of people?s desire to use their own resources to do better than others? most certainly is unfair, not to mention illiberal and evil.

Freedom means nothing if it does not mean the freedom to be unequal, and to make those you care about unequal. It is good when better parents are able to give their children better opportunities than worse parents; it provides more incentive to be a good parent.

- Nicholas Weininger in the Crooked Timber comments
section in reaction to an article by Adam Swift from The Telegraph

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That Adam Swift is pretty

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