NHS coming up short

The Stroke Association says that the UK National Health Service is failing to meet the needs of stroke patients. Some excerpts:

A recent report suggested that in some parts of the country as many as 85% of stroke patients never see the inside of specialist stroke units.

Studies have shown that patients who are treated in specialist stroke units are more likely to survive and are less likely to suffer disability.

"People are dying because stroke is not always treated as the emergency it is," said Jerry Doyle, of the Stroke Association.

"Stroke patients are left on general wards, where there is no specialist equipment or staff. There are delays on brain scans and sometimes no brain scans at all. [...]

"The tick box and target culture is undermining the public's trust of the NHS. Ministers must stop over-claiming and start delivering."

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"Ministers must stop

"Ministers must stop over-claiming and start delivering."

No, they need to shut up and go away.

The problems extend far

The problems extend far beyond merely the treatment of stroke sufferers. The centralised target-setting and national government mismanagement which form integral parts of the structure of the NHS impact on every area of treatment.

Whenever anyone tells me the NHS is about creating a 'fair' system where everyone receives treatment whereas the American private healthcare industry means 'the poor' are left to die on the streets I need only ask them in which country they'd prefer to receive specialist treatment or show them a few reasonably reliable statistics comparing cancer treatment rates in the US and the UK to persuade them that perhaps those mean old American with their private healthcare are actually on to something. There's a reason so many people actually fly to America from the UK to benefit from the better quality service and more advanced treatment technology every year.

A nationalised health service is a rationed health service. Socialists lying on their death beds in NHS hospitals can at least feel safe in the knowledge that thanks to their brilliant thinking everyone can experience the same poor quality service which leads to numerous unnecessary deaths every year.