Ban on food advertising?

In another measure designed to protect people from themselves, a food watchdog (food watchdog? are you serious???) in the UK is calling for ban on certain forms of advertising while in the US, 'experts' are calling for a Declaration of Disease.

In the United Kingdom, the Food Standards Agency, described as a food watchdog, wants to defuse the so-called obesity time bomb and is considering such methods as a ban on TV advertising aimed at children, health warnings on foods high in salt, sugar and fat, and requiring school vending machines to offer healthy alternatives, according to press reports. "Doing nothing is not an option," said Sir John Krebs, the agency's chairman. [...]

Americans are well ahead of Britons when it comes to being obese--and the race is on in the U.S., too, to stem the tide. One possibility, highlighted by The Washington Post, is to declare obesity a "disease," which would allow those affected to claim insurance coverage for "cures" such as diet drugs or doctor-prescribed nutrition plans. The Post cites experts who say classifying obesity as a disease would help "destigmatize" the condition, making it easier for those affected to seek treatment, as happened when alcoholism was so classified.

Fat people have feelings too.

The article states that a recent breakthrough of epic proportions in medical science has revealed that there are other ways of escaping the obesity epidemic and avoiding falling victim to this disease, that don't require the help of a higher authority.

There are well-known treatments--eating less and exercising more are two--that don't require the intervention of doctors.

This revelation comes as a complete surprise to many.

The true irony of the situation is that many of those clamoring loudest about an 'obesity epidemic' in the US and UK are the same ones that favor wealth redistribution to provide 'basic needs' such as food.

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Wait for an avalanche of

Wait for an avalanche of really fat taxes. That's the only rationale I can see behind this crusade.