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Sorry if it seems I am going overboard about the S.C. high school drug raid, but it bothers me something fierce. This story has so many things in it that are just plain wrong.

Police Lt. Dave Aarons of Goose Creek, S.C. had this to say at the news conference after he and his unit disgraced his profession: tactical method by which we could safely approach the problem to ensure everyone was safe.

Sir, turn in your gun. You are not fit to handle firearms. (You should also turn in your badge for other reasons, but that is not the point of this particular post.) Sir, you need to visit this gun safety site. I would like to point you to rule number two of gun safety:

Never point the muzzle at anything you do not intend to destroy.

Sir, contrary to what you say, your (and your officer's) actions indicate that you had no thought of anyone's safety but your own. Your actions scream very loudly that you intended to kill students. This is not acceptable. Please, do your neighbors a favor and turn in your gun.


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It sort of reminds me of the

It sort of reminds me of the show COPS, where we're ostensibly supposed to applaud the efforts of the "good guys" to nab those "drug offenders" by whatever means necessary.

Have you ever listened to

Have you ever listened to the late comic Bill Hicks?
Everything he talked about in the early 90s before his death is becoming more and more apparent.

If not, there was a part in his album, "Rant in E-minor"-available from or kazaa, where ha talks about shows like cops.
"...I'll tell you who the threat to the status quo is, it's us, that's why they show you shows like fuckin' cops, so you know that state power will win and we'll bust your house down, we'll fuckin bust you anytime we want, that's the message. Why don't they just have a show called storm troopers? Or better yet, how 'bout IRS? Every week the IRS has a special celebrity guest..."