Quote of the Day

Let just one political mistake go unadmitted, and disaster accumulates in its train, in the fashion of an avalanche. Shall we attempt to protect drug addicts from their own appetites? We create a huge black market that pours a river of cash into the pockets of the worst men in the world. Rather than admit our mistake, shall we pursue those men in defiance of the strictures of the Constitution? We produce an immense government bureaucracy whose deeds range from routine invasions of individual privacy to the fomenting of wars with other nations. Rather than confront the disaster our seed mistake has sprouted, shall we accelerate our efforts, passing "asset forfeiture" laws, restricting the free movement of cash, and throwing our military into the War on Drugs and committing unbounded resources to its prosecution? Some of the worst men in the world, instead of becoming drug kingpins, will seek employment in the Office of National Drug Control Policy -- and given time, they'll rise to the top of it.

- Francis W. Porretto

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