A market for security in Iraq

In response to the lack of an effective monopoly provider of security services in post-war Iraq, a private UK-based firm is filling the void via the market. Pilgrims has received high praise from potential investors in what ideally will be a future liberal market order.

Pilgrims set up operations in Iraq during the war and now has three offices in Baghdad. "We will continue our services, we are in fact expanding them. Iraq is our main focus now. We also have commercial interests," Omar Hadi, Jt. Managing Director told Gulf News. [...]

Pilgrims was one of the exhibitors at Security and Safety 2003 which received positive feedback from businessmen planning to enter Iraq. One of the offices is located in the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) centre and the other two in the Al Mansour area.

Pilgrims is also building bulletproof guard booths, mobile field units, accommodation and offices in Iraq. [...]

Increased security is only the direct effect; the greater result is what can potentially stem from its success: voluntary associations, commerce, and a vibrant civil society - a catallarchy.

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