Quote of the Day

The party of un-belief ought to be my party, but I left it a quarter century ago because I perceived another divide, which largely parallels the religious rift. Once I got past youthful rebellion, I recognized two great, unconscious forces at work in society: making and taking. Some people generated wealth; others consumed it. Artsy and unworldly, I had scant prospects of becoming a maker; but I could see that the takers would impoverish everyone if they had their way.

Society requires a complex structure of rights and obligations before many individuals exceed a bare subsistence. I had been foolish to side with those who wanted to discard the very idea of property. Without secure property rights, there could be no wealth, only plunder: a zero-sum economy. Without wealth, we artsy types would starve. Yet artists and intellectuals are core constituents for the party of takers. Their self-importance precludes self-awareness. They don't believe that their livelihoods, their comforts depend upon wealth seized from others by the state.

- Alan Sullivan

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