Primer on Global Warming

An excellent recap of the state of the science in the study of global warming from the Wilson Quarterly discusses historical temperature trends, sea level rises, the Kyoto Protocol, and other important aspects of the debate.

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interesting article. This

interesting article. This stuff is convincing only if you are already predisposed to believe it though. It reminds of the scientists who argued (in the mid to late 90's) that HIV didn't cause AIDS. They weren't loony-crazy people or anything, and there was a good amount of them. They were, of course, adopting a minority opinion.

My feeling is though, that if you wanna decide this stuff, you either learn the basic science and start reading the technical literature on it, or you basically accept the conclusion os mainstream science, which in this case seems to be the IPCC. Some of Hollander's critiques seem downright laughable- pointing out the abstract limitations of computer modeling and such. Though I'm sure he has no problem with computer modeling for SOEs.

matt, Since you're here, why

Since you're here, why not give me your thoughts on how you would design an experiment to test for global warming? I'd be interested in your thoughts since it was inspired by your question to begin with.