Game of the century?


Granted, I live in Boston where baseball is more than just a pastime, and the century is only three years old (young) anyway, but is tonight's game the most anticipated/hyped baseball game ever? Yankees vs. Red Sox, Pedro vs. The Rocket, groundskeeper having been beaten up and in a neck brace, Game 7, bad blood between the teams, 72 year old coach having been beaten up, chance for a chance to kill the Curse, ...

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It will definitely be the

It will definitely be the place to be. I don't know... Sox in WS, just doesn't seem right.

I'm pulling for Pudge anyway...

Goddammit! The two teams I

Goddammit! The two teams I least wanted to see in the World Series of all the teams that made the playoffs.

Excellent game (I only got

Excellent game (I only got to follow it on MLB Gameday on the web, since I was stuck in a seven hour meeting marathon at school).

You've got to admit, the most storied franchise in baseball wrote another brilliant chapter. I feel for Cubs and Sox fans, while at the same time I feel a slight twinge of glee that the disappointment is prolonged for yet another year...

But again, I'm just happy Pudge Rodriguez has made it to the World Series with his new team after leaving the dreadful dead-end Rangers. He's living Emmitt Smith's dream.

First, the Sox shoulda

First, the Sox shoulda pulled Pedro earlier.
Second, the pinch runner in the ninth was a joke; you knew it was going extra innings with Rivera on the mound, so why not leave your best guys in?
Third, there is no third. See "First".

Yeah, it was a great game.

Yeah, it was a great game. Pedro should have been taken out earlier. I not sure about the pinch runner. If that blooper had dropped over the 2nd baseman with a man on second, the Sox would have gone up and probably won the game.

Hard to believe that the Sox were 5 outs from getting to the WS but lost. Or maybe it's not.

Oh well. Not much interest in the WS from me. Back to college football.



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