Nonobvious way to commit a crime and get away with it

Eugene Volokh makes an interesting bleg request:

For my "Crime-Facilitating Speech" article, I'm looking for an example of a novel (or a movie or other work of entertainment) that describes, (1) in detail (2) a nonobvious way to (3) particularly effectively commit a crime or escape detection for one's crime, and that is (4) a famous work, or one written by a famous author.

It just so happens that I finished watching the second season of the television show 24 a few days ago, and I was struck by the simplicity and ingenuity of the final plot twist.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead]

The final scene involves a (possibly) successful assassination of the President of the United States. Here is the scene description from the official website:

At a press conference outside the federal building, [President] Palmer pronounces to the public that the nation is safe. As he makes his way through the cheering crowd and accepts handshakes, a woman calls for the President. She reaches her hand out to him. The woman is Mandy, who was hired by Ira Gaines the previous year in the plot to assassinate Palmer. Palmer clasps Mandy's hand in a kind shake. She leaves the crowd and walks alone into a stairwell. Using tongs, Mandy peels off a sheer layer of some substance from the palm of her right hand. She places the filmy peel into a metal container. Mandy phones Max and says, "It's done."

After reaching his limo, Palmer looks down at his right hand. The flesh on it has been eaten away. His breath is shortened and he falls to the ground. The crowd panics as the Secret Service agents scan the scene with their guns. Palmer gasps for air helplessly.

Assuming that the Secret Service allows the President to shake people's hands, and that such a lethal substance exists that does not pose a risk to the perpetrator, this seems like a nonobvious, detailed, and effective way to commit an important crime and escape detection, and this method is now known to millions of viewers of this television show.

I have much more to say about 24; I'll be posting a review and some analysis over the next view days. Stay tuned.

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I always thought the end of

I always thought the end of Tom Clancy's "Debt of Honor" seemed a frighteningly plausible scenario. Flight 93 could have made it come true.

I think President Palmer is still alive at the beginning of the 3rd season. And I thought people who get to shake the President's hand had to be searched ahead of time.

Yes, President Palmer is

Yes, President Palmer is still alive, but I think this is a mistake on the part of the writers. Regardless, I still think this is a good candidate for what Eugene wanted.

And yes, people who go to Presidential rallies are searched before hand, but as far as I know, the Secret Service only uses metal detectors and wouldn't be able to stop something like this.

My response to Eugene's

My response to Eugene's post: fractional pennies, as portrayed in Superman III and Office Space.