House Call

(via The Guardian)

A 28-year old Chinese man in Italy, at present known only as 'The Doctor', was attacked by four burglars, who overpowered him and his two women friends, and tied them up. The burglars then ransacked the apartment but were disappointed with the lack of loot, so they threatened to rape the two women until they told the burglars where the "rest of the money was hidden."

At this point, 'The Doctor' managed to free himself, grab a knife, and then proceed to kill two of the burglars and seriously injure a third.

Investigators found the body of one man, who had been stabbed in the heart, sprawled on the staircase and another man bleeding to death in the street from a wound to his leg. A third man is recovering in hospital from a punctured lung.

The doctor was found crouching in the entrance to the building with cuts to his shoulder, face and hands.


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"...Investigators are trying

"...Investigators are trying to determine whether he inflicted the injuries while defending himself inside the apartment, or hunted down the burglars after they had fled."

Laws probably state differently. But, personally speaking, it shouldn't matter. It's a moot point. Three burglers put the Chinese man into a volatile mental state by their violent actions and further threats. If he happened to 'hunt' one or two of them down the staircase, it's the price the intruders pay, and a guarantee they won't be returning to try again.

It'll be a frustrating footnote to this heroic story if he's charged and sentenced with something.

good thing that wasn't in

good thing that wasn't in London or he would have been charged and then sued for damages.