A New Governor

Looks like California is getting a new governor. Gray Davis called Arnie to congratulate him and has graciously accepted defeat. Will things improve? Doubtful. The governor still has to deal with the General Assembly which can be nearly impossible, he has to deal with the hard realities of funding all the idiots feeding at the public trough, and he has to deal with fickle voters.

I am very glad that Gray Davis is out, but I am always happy to see a politician go. So who's up for recallling Arnie? And how about recalling the assembly? Recall early, recall often! At least then the government is good for something, even if it is only entertainment.

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The recalls are coming fast

The recalls are coming fast and hard around here. The mayor of Dallas is facing a growing recall effort. And the entire Student Government Association at UNT is being recalled this Tuesday.

I certainly wouldn't want the job of CA governor. This term is almost certain to be viewed as a failure. If he actually "succeeds," he'll be A) chopping up government spending programs, B) eliminating government jobs, and C) raising taxes. If he "fails," things will probably be status quo for the foreseeable future.

Can you fight a state full of entrenched interests?