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Hey Mr. Raymond! I know what! Ask me! Ask me! I know what's more American! Shall I say it now?

Okay, what's even more American than migrating to a thinly-settled area and experiment with liberty is: being so good at doing it that more than 200 years after the beginning of the experiment you've been successful enough to earn in return the possibility to keep pushing it further, towards ends never reached before in the history of our kind.

Well, at least that's how America look from a dissident frogman's point of view of a France whose political and constitutional instability is nothing but the visible tip of its elites' fond attachment to feudalism as the best mean to secure their own interests (11 regime changes, half kings, phony emperors, shaky republics, corrupted governments maintaining lush and bounteous corporatist and syndical collusions and... Oh, I lost the count of authoritarian "saviors of democracy", "popular" upraises and junk "revolutions" again. Bugger.)

- The Dissident Frogman in response to Eric Raymond's mostly
rhetorical question
, "What could be more American than migrating to
a thinly-settled area to experiment with liberty?" on the Free State Project

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