Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads

mcflydoc.jpgYou would think that when your blog hits the fan, you would at least notice. Not so. This most devious of bugs was brilliant in its constitution, and stunning in its design. Last weekend, our webhost decided to change the server the site is hosted on to make things run faster, and that we 'wouldn't notice a thing'. They got that right.

From Saturday night till this afternoon, there have been two different versions of the blog running. Some people saw the one on the 'new' server. Others saw the one on the 'old' server. The contributors kept on posting in their own respective blogiverses. Readers kept commenting. Everyone was oblivious to the fracture of the space-time continuum. On top of this we could not receive any email, so if anyone who noticed something strange tried to email us, they were denied. This went on for three days.

Luckily, things got screwy enough that some of us noticed, and it looks like everyone is finally in the same 'new' blogiverse. However, some of the posts made in the 'old' blogiverse after Saturday are missing. Not to worry though. Tomorrow morning, we are going back to the future. Those posts that are currently missing will be reposted, and the last several days worth of posts will all be timestamped October 2nd.

Thank you to Tim Swanson, Don Lloyd, and everyone else who tried to get in touch with us or helped us get back on track. Normalcy shall resume shortly.
Edit - I decided against timestamping everything to October 2nd.

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Good to see things back and

Good to see things back and functioning within acceptable parameters. I always liked those 'paradox' plots on Star Trek TNG. Not so fun when it happens in real life though. ;)