Another step for XCOR

XCOR has met another milestone in its quest for developing the technologies for the horizontal takeoff and landing spaceship Xerus. The usual turbopump solution, such as the ones used in the Saturn V and Shuttle Main Engine, is inefficient for smaller engines. XCOR needs a pump that is light weight and efficient to get Xerus off the ground and into space. It is the piece of the puzzle that will allow a winged vehicle to have the performance to not require a boost (a la Scaled's Spaceship One) or give up its wings.

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Dave, From that article, it

From that article, it looks like XCOR gets a lot of help from DARPA and the DOD. Doesn't this interfere with the X-Prize competition?

They are not competing for

They are not competing for the X-Prize. They are
going straight for the multi-billion adventure
travel market.