Album review: BRMC's <i>Take Them On, On Your Own</i>

Often viewed in the same light as The White Stripes and the Strokes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club released its second CD on Virgin Records earlier this month to high expectations. Its first self-titled CD received high praise and buzz, particularly around the single "Love Burns".


In its second outing, BRMC doesn't disappoint. Musically, the fuzzy guitars are generally delivered in a wall of sound with a hint of distortion, yet featuring melody and hooks. Lots of comparisons to the Jesus & Mary Chain's Honeys Dead CD are relevant here. The album starts out strong with "Stop", and continues with several driving songs, including the mid-tempo "Ha Ha High Baby". The second half mixes it up a bit with a few nice slower tracks, such as "Shade Of Blue" and the acoustic n' echo textured "And I'm Aching", along with cynical drivers such as "U.S. Government". Not a show stopper, but a worthy release.

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