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A few words about the blog -

Catallarchy is a blog focusing on economics from the Austrian school perspective, the philosophy of classical liberalism, and popular culture. There are many blogs out in the blogosphere that focus on economics. However, very little attention gets paid to the Austrian framework. The main website on the internet for Austrian resources is Mises.org, where scholars from around the world engage in study and formally develop Austrian theory. (It has its own blog also).

The complementary goal of Catallarchy is to be an informal place where the lay person with a minimal background in economics can learn about the Austrian school. We hope to appeal to regular, everyday people who watch Buffy, are passionate about sports, are video games enthusiasts, and listen to Oasis. Or whatever your particular guilty pleasure might be?

Economics should deal first and foremost with everyday reality, and should be able to be understood by the common man. From my perspective, the Austrian framework results in an exceptional explanation of the real world.

For some background information on Austrian economics, these posts may be helpful:

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For a general overview of the themes of the blog, feel free to peruse the ?popular entries? section on the right sidebar.

If anyone has any questions about the Austrian school of economics, please feel free to email me - my address is listed on my name under the "contributors" section of the right sidebar. We hope you enjoy your stay here.

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