The prostitution of Buzz?

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The Georgia Tech student newspaper, the Technique [note: current issue not yet available online], is up in arms today about the Athletic Association's decision to sell autographed memorabilia, premium seats, and appearances by "Buzz", the school's mascot, through ebay.

My first reaction when I heard about this was: who cares? Clearly, I am in the minority. Yet I have not heard any of the critics make a convincing argument against using ebay to sell these items, especially considering that the proceeds are earmarked for a scholarship fund.

The student editorial condemned this decision as "selling GT's soul," "demonstrating a lack of school pride and class," and "auctioning tradition [and] history," among other social no-no's. Even our local paper got in on the ebay-bashing action, with a poll allowing readers to make the following choice:

Selling Lettermen?s Club seats on ebay makes Tech look either:

    (a) economically shrewd. Why not get top dollar for top seats?
    (b) pathetic. Tradition shouldn?t have a price tag attached.

The results, not surprisingly, are 18% yay, 82% nay.

I'm still not quite sure how this differs fundamentally from rewarding alumni donors with special seating, which doesn't seem to raise similar complaints.

What is it about selling things on ebay that is considered so profane?

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