FCC OKs Stern's Arnold interview

Media hacks in such newspapers as the Washington Post and Seattle Post Intelligencer, as well as moralistic groups such as Morality In Media at the other wing of the political spectrum, didn't mask their disappointment upon hearing Howard Stern has been given a pass by the FCC and declared a "news reporter" (ironic, given Stern’s confrontation with the federal agency in the past). In such case, Stern can now interview Arnold Schwarzenegger without being forced to interview the billions of other California gubernatorial wannabes who would demand equal time.

It's a sad statement of the industry when one segment of media tries to stifle or censor other media. Unfortunately for the Washington Posts and Morality In Medias of the world, they didn’t get their wish of a government outfit using their power to dictate who a certain radio host could invite onto his show. In their frustrated reaction, they just trotted out the same descriptions of crude humor, sexuality jokes, and off-color discussions that fill portions of Stern’s show in an effort to discredit him and the program.

I do agree with Richard Roepper of the Chicago Sun-Times, who states:

"Given the choice between a half-hour Schwarzenegger interview conducted by a polite and polished Diane Sawyer or a straight-talking Howard Stern, my endorsement goes to Stern."
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