Remember, they were collectivists

I don't have much to say about 9/11 that won't be said much more eloquently by others. However, I want to remind people, especially libertarians, that the people who planned and carried out the attacks two years ago were barbarians (funny that should need reminding).

You can point to the US government's past foreign policy as misguided and one contributing factor to anti-Americanism found elsewhere in the world; that is no doubt a valid statement. However, many libertarians have turned this criticism of the state upside-down into an absolution of unrivaled wickedness.

The terrorists killed 3,000 innocent civilians living their own lives, going about their own business, engaged in peaceful commerce. These innocents were judged as part of a greater whole which the terrorists found evil. In the mind of the terrorists, those in the Twin Towers played no greater role in their own lives than the label which the terrorists placed them under. They were not seen as individuals with their own unique volitions and views of the world. Rather, they fell under the broad category "The United States" or "The Zionists" or "The Infidels". When you get down to it, the terrorists were collectivists of the highest order.

Criticize the US government all you want, but never forget that the terrorists were collectivists.

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