Samizdata Gems

In my recent travels to the UK, I had the chance to chat with a few Samizdatistas, who are as entertaining and witty in real life as they appear on the internet. The topic of highlighting posts on the sidebar, which we obviously do but they do not, came up. It turns out that there is in fact a 'Best of' listing under the category archives, something I had not been aware of. In browsing the listed posts, I came across many that I remembered well; however, other deserving posts that I recall but are not listed are simply collecting cyberdust in the archives. As gratitude for the pleasure of their company, and as tribute to the blog that inspired me to start blogging and showed me what blogging was all about, I present Samizdata Gems (with some overlap with the 'Best of Samizdata' category archive):

Cool Britannia Rule Britannia - what it means to be British
If there is a God... - the bankruptcy of forced equivalency
It won't end with Iraq - a realistic appraisal of the War in Iraq
How to 'tackle poverty' - the absurdity of income equality arguments
Patriotism means... - what matters is civil society
Farewell, my lovely - if I could write like this, I'd quit my day job
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them - the individual and absolute power
Flow my tears, the Tycoon said - nature's periodic cankers
Aztecs - good riddance, I say - a piercing blow to the solar plexus of cultural relativism
Business ethics - the importance of reputation
Who should pay for the smell of lasagne? - public goods problem my ass
This England - collective culture without collectivism
The real England speaks - simply put, the highest expression of the power of the blogosphere I've ever seen

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