Florida community stifles young entrepreneur

He is an expert landscaper, pulls in $2,500 a month, has a 3.6 GPA, has sent his mother and two aunts on a cruise from his earnings. And he's only 16.

Yet, the homeowners association of a neighborhood called "The Colony" is trying to curb Bishy Tannous's business for among other things, excessive noise, the 'look of his mower', and not being able to get a license for the golf cart he uses to tow his equipment.

"He gets good grades. He mows lawns and saves money and this is what our community calls its problem kid," Lambert said.

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Living in a condominium

Living in a condominium association myself and also being on the Board I can understand both sides of the dilemma. Unfortunately on one hand since the condo association is run mostly by volunteers it tends to attract the folks that have the least useful things to do otherwise. The more reasonable residents are too busy to attend Board meetings. The end result is that you get a few extreme residents that force their whim on the entire resident population.

On the other hand whenever you purchase a place in the association you have 72 hours prior to closing to revoke your bid. In those 72 hours you are supposed to read over the Bylaws and agree to them.

I think the best outcome

I think the best outcome would be if he could get himself emancipated and move into his own place.