A word about the blogroll

When Brian and I were in the planning stages of the blog, the topic of the blogroll came up. We decided to split it up into two parts.

The nominal Blogroll is like any other blogroll found in the blogosphere - it serves simply to link to other blogs. However, its disadvantage is that its usefulness decreases in proportion to its length.

So we decided to create a limited blogroll called 'Current Favorites' in which we want to highlight blogs that we like. Many of these are lesser known blogs that do not get the attention they deserve. Others are simply the stalwarts that inspired us to blog in the first place. A key word is 'current'. We periodically reshuffle the 'Current Favorites' to keep things fresh and to highlight other blogs. So if you are listed on the 'Current Favorites' one day but find yourself down in the nominal blogroll the next day, take no offense. It is merely a rotation that happens every month or two. We could try to keep everyone that was ever on the 'Current Favorites' there permanently and simply add more as time passes, but that would defeat the whole purpose of having a limited blogroll.

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