Kids shoot into highway; Tommy Vercetti blamed

gta.jpgMuch like clockwork, every so often we hear of a rock/rap group or movie being blamed for the violent shenanigans of unsupervised teenage delinquents. Currently, a lawsuit is being filed against the creators of Grand Theft Auto, a video game featuring carjackings, shootings, 80s music, and other garden-variety violence that 99.999% of customers use as some harmless escapist zeal after a long day at school or work. However, a couple teens decided to play their own real-life version of GTA and shoot into traffic in Tennessee.

Who's supervising these kids' purchases and their summer vacation activities? Did Sony force this video game into their home and into their video game consoles? And needless to say, a 16-year-old who cannot distinguish the difference between video games and reality has far more mental issues that goes beyond simply naming a shoot-em-up game the culprit. The "impressionable young minds" excuse doesn't fly here. By the time a child hits the double-digit age, kids have figured out that shooting at people may cause bodily injury and even death, and not 'reappear' as in a video game.

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Tommy Vercetti rules!

Tommy Vercetti rules! Italian's rule!

:furious: What the heck are

What the heck are yall talking about. You can not just go out and say that if a kid goes out and does vioolent things and yall find out the kid plays GTA means he got it from that. He could've seen something similar in a movie he has seen recently seen and copied that. Just cause you play GTA does not mean you will go out and do what Tommy Vercetti does in the game. I play it all the time and I have never even thought of repeating the acts of Tommy Vercetti. I have never heard of such a stupid thing to do as to blame a video game because of what a violent thing a kid has done. A movie has a better chance of making a kid go crazy and do some violent thing and one more thing a movie is more graphical then a game.