College football fever

Since I was traveling recently, this is my first full Saturday of college football this season. I've got the fever and am making a full day out of it - College Gameday to start with, VT-JMU early on, Washington State-ND and UCLA-Colorado in the afternoon, Florida-Miami and Oklahoma-Alabama in primetime, and LSU-Arizona in the nightcap, with chow and beverages, and even the occasional blog in between. What a day, what a day.

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An early surprise: BC up on

An early surprise: BC up on PSU 21-0 halfway through first quarter.

another surprise: wake

another surprise: wake forest 28 NCSU 3

Another one: right outside

Another one: right outside my window, UNT beat Baylor 52-14 (after being clobbered by OU last weekend).