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Having things may not make you happy. Getting things may not change you inside.

How is not having things going to make you happy? How is getting rid of things going to change you inside?

The relentless search for "happiness" or "fulfillment" can become as much a vice as desire for material wealth. The whole premise appears flawed to me. The quest for lasting joy/true fulfillment/inner peace strikes me as roughly analogous to the idea of holding out for one's "soulmate," or believing that "world peace" is possible. It's another form of idealism.

My take?

Understanding that certain aspects of my personality and outlook were engrammatically encoded in my brain and unlikely to substantially change, I realized that the thing most likely to bring me "happiness" is the ability to control my own destiny. Self-sufficiency, independence, self-determination.Thus my drive toward not only knowledge accumulation and experience accumulation, but wealth creation and accumulation. Wealth will better equip me to deal with harsh reality.

As a wise woman once said, "I've been rich and I've been poor, and rich is better."

-Kevin White in response to another blogger deciding to give up all material possessions.

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(Jonathan checking in from a

(Jonathan checking in from a cyber cafe in Dublin)

Well hello Jonathan. :)

Well hello Jonathan. :)