Negative feedback loops

Randly Balko has some insightful (and depressing) commentary on political feedback loops:

    It's a common theme in libertarianism, and it's frustrating as hell. When you favor limited government, it's always hard to argue that not only is more government involvement not the answer, it's the cause of the problem. Inevitably, the forces we're arguing with have spun themselves into a whirlpool of tunnel-vision, and small thinking: They spot a problem. The bring in government to address the problem. The problem gets worse because of government involvement. Seeing the problem getting worse, they bring in more government to address the worsening of the problem. Which of course only makes the problem worse.

If you were hoping he might end on a happy note, tough luck:

    But given the right's obsessive militarism and imperialism, and the left's obsessive do-goodism and characterization of post-war Iraq as a giant experiment in social planning and the good government can do, it doesn't look like anyone who can make a difference will be stepping forward for a long, long time.
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