False Consciousness

Perhaps my favorite Marxist theory is false consciousness: the proletariat doesn't immediately embrace socialism because they have been brainwashed by capitalist ideology.

Like most conspiracy theories, false consciousness cannot be falsified because anyone who denies it must be part of the conspiracy themselves.

Which brings me to another conspiracy... of the Volokh kind.

Tyler Cowen links to this Pew Global Attitude Survey, which found that "views of globalization are distinctly more positive in low-income countries than in rich ones."

Particularly striking is this chart:


How will anti-globalization types respond to this survey? The proletariat in poor countries must be suffering from false consciousness at an even greater rate than in the wealthy countries.

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Along this same topic, I

Along this same topic, I happened to read a "Have Your Say" webpage on the BBC site, in which the subject was poverty in the third world, and what should be done about it.

The thing that struck me while reading the responses from all over the world was the number of Africans who said subsidies and blind money-throwing to corrupt regimes were at fault, and that self-reliance and learning was the key. Meanwhile, a number of Westerners (especially Europeans) simply continue to aimlessly blame 'capitalism' and 'greed'.