Jews, Jesus, and German cars

Here's a sneak preview at my upcoming Jewsweek article, where I tackle the controversy surrounding Mel Gibson's yet-to-be-released movie The Passion, as well as the silent Jewish boycott against German cars, and tie both issues together to address the deplorable concept of inheritable guilt.

I expect a ton of hatemail for this. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.

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Mel Gibson's movie is an

Mel Gibson's movie is an easy target so its going to be hit. But I understand your reasonings.

As far as German cars are concerned, I wouldn't buy one either. I was a little stunned when I went to Germany a few years ago by the racism and anti-Semitism that still existed.

Even though I am not Jewish myself, I do sympathize for them. Sure the Holocaust was 60 years ago, but the bombing in Jerusalem was 2 days ago.

I don't think you have

I don't think you have travelled outside of the United States very much. I also don't think you have met any Jews from different parts of the world, let's say Middle East, Europe, or Afraica who have suffered actual and brutal anti-semitism.
You sound extremely naive and smug. I wonder if you would allow yourself to see the consequences of the movie, after it's release, all over the world. From what I know about Leftist Liberals who live in the world of theories and fantasies, I doubt you will recognize any increase in anti-semitism after next April.

Why do you think Mel

Why do you think Mel Gibson's movie is going to be the tipping point in a new wave of world anti-semitism, when in Europe far worse is said and spread daily by Muslim immigrants (the Protocols, for example, that are bandied about with disturbing frequency in European mosques- a tract that is illegal in Germany if a non-muslim promotes it, but fine and dandy otherwise...)?

Europeans are only nominally Christian. Why do you think a movie that is going to play essentially to fundamentalists, pentacostals, and radical traditional Catholics (none of which are in any great numbers in Europe, or the rest of the world aside from the US), is going to trigger world-wide antisemitism? Is Mel that good?

It is very possible to do

It is very possible to do rational research into the Gospels and come up with sound conclusions. No one has done it because they want to maintain the traditional story in which Jewish leaders are depicted as pressuring a reluctant Pilate to kill Jesus. But a lot of information in the Gospels says that it did not happen that way. No one pays attention to it.

E.g., the Greek Gospels do not say that Judas betrayed Jesus. It is a mistranslation of a neutral word as most scholars now admit. Check out William Klassen's 1996 book "Judas: Betrayer or Friend of Jesus?" A lot more info in the Gospels supports that Judas did not betray Jesus. Hence, Jewish leaders did not collaborate with a traitor, since Judas was not one.

Did Jewish leaders put Jesus on trial? Again, a lot of evidence in the Gospels says no. The questioning takes place in a high priest's house, not the official chambers, by a retired high priest. Much more also points in the direction that this was a very informal, unofficial Jewish affair. I present the full case in my unpublished book. But more clues are discussed on my Web site and blogspot (linked to each other). The site is: