Weekly Newsblotter

Random thoughts on random newsbits so far this week...

* Don’t Mess With Texas. The state is the only state in the country that has its own self-sufficient and isolated power grid. Their power is also highly efficient and less expensive than the national average.

* My favorite summer 'blockbuster' of 2003? My vote would have to be Pirates of the Caribbean. The right mixture of well-written action, drama, and comedy prompts this film to be one of the season’s winners. Along with the flop of Gigli and the audiences’ praise of Bend It Like Beckham, there’s hope for film after all.
* Multi-multi-millionnaire Bob Thompson wants to donate $200 million to open 15 charter schools in the city of Detroit, a city with a shaky public school system. Needless to say, Democrats and teachers unions (and, judging by the slant in the article, the columnist) are in an uproar.

* Social security reform got some good ink in the Charlotte Observer.

* Irresponsible Parent of the Month Award goes to a mother whose 10-year-old somehow managed to get behind the wheel of a forklift, with tragic results.

* American youths have the Mexican resort of Cancun. British youths have the Greek resort of Faliraki.

"You often see people passed out on the pavement, vomit in the street, loud swearing when young children are around - general unacceptable behaviour. Some of this is encouraged by the tour firms. What an advert for Britain."

MTV’s cameras will be heading in their direction soon. :-)

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I only saw X2 and the Matrix

I only saw X2 and the Matrix Reloaded so I can't comment. Terminator 3 is already gone from theaters in my area so Arnold's trek into politics might be a good career move.