South Florida homeschoolers

This article about South Florida homeschoolers points out some of the benefits of homeschooling. The parents view education as a continuous endeavor, not a temporary undertaking.

"We don't have a first day of school. It's continuous," said Elizabeth Fulop, of Sunrise, who home-schools four of her five children, all under 10.

It allows children to learn in a stimulating environment, rather than being forced to sit in a chair listening to a teacher for hours on end (something most adults could not do if they tried). They become active learners rather than passive receptacles.

Fulop, a physical therapist, has been teaching them about birds all summer. She answers their questions and launches impromptu aviary workshops around a new parakeet breeding box in their backyard.

Is that school?

"You're doing stuff that would be considered school work but you don't call it that," LaTorre said. "My kids write books together. If you were in class and someone said `write,' that would be a writing class but I don't bother to tell them that."

And most importantly, it lets children be children.

Michael Gonzalez, 15, likes to put his headphones on and head up to his room after getting his assignments. His sisters like to lie on the floor and read.

"They have no concept of changing classes," said Toni Gonzalez, sitting at the kitchen table with her pack of learners. "I don't think they really know what that means."

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Acutally, I think a good use

Acutally, I think a good use of homeschooling would be the opposite: letting children be adults in a timely manner, instead of sitting around in adolescent limbo until they turn 18.

It's obvious the school system, among its many failings, teaches its charges much more slowly than they are capable of learning. Hell, the three-month long breaks practically scream "stalling tactic". A homeschooling curriculum ought to be able to sidestep all of that nonsense, as far as I can tell, and give kids a high school education and send them on to college long before they turn 18.

I wonder how many people have gone that route.

Where can I find an estimate

Where can I find an estimate as to how many home schoolers live in broward county?