The most exciting quarterback to ever play the game is out of commission for the next six weeks with a fractured fibula.


Oh well. At least the college football season starts in less than a week.

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As amazing as Michael Vick

As amazing as Michael Vick is, his luck was bound to run out. His style of play has a short half-life in the NFL. Getting popped by 300+ lbs linebackers running a 4.8 40 can only last a little while. Even he realized this. He tried to change his style but wasn't as effective.

Even though he tortured my boys in Charlottesville, I really want to see him healthy and playing again. Until then, we'll watch his baby brother fill his shoes.

I don't think so- I think

I don't think so- I think his style of play is just fine... anywhere except on concrete (er, astroturf).

Its the astroturf that kills. All things being otherwise equal (Ceteris Paribus ^_^), I believe that he wouldn't have broken a thing on real grass. Can't say what the result would be on the newer types of fake grass (which are more springy, not just a bit of plastic over concrete).